The Ultimate Social CRM Resource Guide – 1st Edition

Yesterday morning at Gartner’s CRM conference, it was said that Social CRM will be a $1 Billion market by 2011. (That’s right around the corner folks).

All of a sudden, there is a lot of noise in the marketplace about Social CRM. In a sure sign that Social CRM is racing towards the mainstream, Chris Brogan even recently named Social CRM as one of the three hottest trends to look for in 2010.

Below are the best resources to get you up to speed on Social CRM as quickly as possible, and capture first mover advantage in your market niche.

Number One:
Start Here: The Author of the “CRM Bible”, Paul Greenberg, recently authored what will soon be known as the “Social CRM Bible” in his 4th edition of CRM at the Speed of Light. Spending $20 and a bit of time in this treasure will go a long way towards helping your organization embrace the opportunities emerging now and in the future.

CRM at the Speed of Light - 4th Edition

Want to know who Paul reads and listens to? Check out his recent blog post on “Social CRM: The Conversation” on ZDNet – “Following on More than Friday: The Ones who teach me”

Number Two:
This one is a must read and there is plenty to chew on and ponder how these changes will effect your business. Graham Hill’s – A Manifesto for Social Business outlines 15 key mega-themes of changes happening to the corporate landscape and how businesses must evolve. Take note. This is almost too much insight for just one blog post and triggered some great back channel discussion between many of us several months ago.

Number Three:
A great list of conversations and posts from the Social CRM Accidental Community who have been actively participating in the seminal discussions of Social CRM “industry” for the past 18+ months. This list has been largely curated by Prem Kumar Apraranji. This is a great resource list in and of itself.

Number Four:
Mitch Lieberman, Jacob Morgan, and Connie Chan did a nice job on their recent white paper, Chess Media Group’s “Guide to Understanding Social CRM”, which speaks about the evolution of CRM to Social CRM, and how corporations should look to adjust their business model(s) to engage with the Social Customer.

Guide to Understanding Social CRM

Number Five:
Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wang of the Altimeter Group did a fantastic job bringing structure to a fragmented conversation and laying the framework for assessing where the market opportunities are now, and where they’ll be as we journey forward. Use this document to frame your conversations about leveraging Social CRM tools in your organization. Where will you start, and what are the greatest opportunities for your organization now and in the future?

Number Six:
Ready to start looking at vendors? Jim Berkowitz has assembled a comprehensive list of Social CRM vendors broken down by their specialty. Start your vendor research here.

Best Damn Social CRM List Ever

I have a thought or two, too!

If you are interested in reading some of my musings, click here for some of my articles on the topic of Social CRM

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8 Responses to The Ultimate Social CRM Resource Guide – 1st Edition

  1. Thanks for sharing this very useful list! I would also recommend the SCRM Group on LinkedIn.

  2. Ray Brown says:

    Hi Brian Great resource list thanks. I still believe we have an issue in using old words and giving them new meanings. Social has huge non business connotations and CRM still has the “technology” baggage. Do you see this as a problem in establishing best practice or will people make up their own, new, interpretations of words that they already know ?

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  7. Brandy Reese says:

    Nice list of resources. But by far the best resource I’ve seen is the Real sCRM Quadrant on Business Insider:

  8. sea says:

    Thankyou for list. I’ve read all these. My vote is for Paul Greenberg’s presentation at SugarCon April 2012 “era of customer engagement”

    Paul ends presentation of April 2012 with:

    In Summary
    1 its a communication revolution
    its not a disruptive technology movement or a social… whatever)
    2 we’ve matured from social customer
    something like — > Social channels EXTEND existing channels (often lingo as social cRM) — > Social Business — > Social Enterprise
    3 Focus on Experience and Partners
    we no longer “sell to”… if you really get it…
    4 For the transition, for the execution, the first step is multi-channel strategy
    it does not need to be the same. just seamless to the consumer. it’s their preference
    6 Systems of engagement

    presentation link here slide deck and vid:

    Cool that sugar sponsored the key-note. Just a shame sugar do not demonstrate its content in their business (yet). and they are suppose to embody open-source. crikey.

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