CRM—It’s Not About The Software

This sums up a lot of conversation, blog posts, interactions, and opinions. At the end of the day…

CRM Is About Humans, Not Software

Several months ago I read an article in CRM magazine by CRM expert Barton Goldenberg. In it he said that CRM is 40% “human,” 40% process, and 20% technology.

I agree.

CRM is a business philosophy/strategy designed to improve relationships between human beings, it is not designed to collect data for data’s sake. Do not let the complexity of the software blind you to the importance of user adoption and user satisfaction.

You cannot implement a successful CRM strategy with your customers until you get buy-in from your employees. That means you need to focus at least as much attention on your adoption strategy as you do in selecting a vendor. Frankly, probably more.

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One Response to CRM—It’s Not About The Software

  1. Richard says:

    I agree.
    You can buy the software, but if you can’t teach people how to use it, then CRM is just nothing.
    That happens in all sort of things.

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