Recession Strategies: Why it is important to invest in CRM Now

Should be a good one. I am planning on attending

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 minutes

Smart companies know you can’t save your way out of a recession. That said, with the economy struggling and not expected to improve for the foreseeable, businesses need to be more frugal with their spending and put their money into areas that improve sales, better services customers and/or helps them gain operational efficiencies.

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology is one of those critical areas that companies need to continually embrace, especially during tough economic times.

Attend this Webcast to learn how CRM can:

* Increase your revenue opportunities

* Help you better understand your customer base

* Provide relevant data to your sales force

* Improve your marketing strategy

When times are tight, customers expect more for their hard-earned dollar—more value, more service and more attention! Those companies that stay current with technology improvements and invest in CRM solutions will be at a competitive advantage when the economy bounces back.


Ellis Booker, Editor, BtoB Magazine


Chris Bucholtz, Senior Editor, InsideCRM

Michael Thomas, Director of CRM and Social Media Strategy, Neighborhood America

Sign Up Here.


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